1. And I thought, “maybe I don’t need you after all…”
    — Lai
  2. Words

    If words were enough
    I’d have held you in my arms
    far longer than he…

  3. Beautiful

    A beautiful day.
    Yet how am I to know love
    without another witness?

    Beautiful witness. 
    Would you know how I feel?
    Immured in mind; pure in heart. 

    Witness to my love:
    "Would you care? Do you now care?
    Of things worldly and ornate -  

    Beautiful night’s soul.
    Then mock me not with answer.
    Pure heart, simple love, I’ve seen.”


    Or at least I’ve dreamed.
    Simple love. True love.
    At least I have seen.

    For the only thing left then is to hope…

  4. Twitch

    Just a shiver. Just a shudder.
    If only but a twitch.
    Let me know that for once,
    I may have made you feel…

  5. I Do

    Broken hearts and
    cities too; but without doubt
    a simple “I do.” 

    So lest the past be 
    as the present day, onward,
    upward and “I do.”

  6. Kiss

    So kiss me. Right now.
    Before time runs out on us,
    and this moment becomes life.

    Just another part,
    of the path we call “our lives”.
    But in this moment: 


  7. I have Lust only, Loved maybe, and Lost always. But I will never regret, the feelings I have found or Life that I have lived.
    — Lai
  8. Farewell Sky

    If the sky were to fall,
    tomorrow or in a year,
    would you think of me
    in a moment you hold dear?

    If the sky were to fall,
    in the blink of an eye,
    I wonder, would I tell you?
    Or would I die blue?

    If the sky were to fall,
    in a year or more,
    would these moments be less
    or would they be more than the best?

    If the sky did fall,
    in an hour and no more,
    would we be forever
    or would we go without tether?

    If the sky did fall,
    would my heart be worthwhile?
    Or would these bonds we share
    break in despair?

    If the sky did fall,
    would you stare in awe?
    As the world to end
    with us in friends.  

    As the sky fell,
    we’d stare into hell.
    The fear in our eyes
    bring no surprise.

    As the sky fell,
    we’d embrace the knells.
    'Till death do us part,
    but in death do we live. 

    As the sky fell,
    we’d fall together.
    And in a blink 
    we’d be forever. 

    The sky has fallen,
    into abyss.
    Only to wake up
    to a foggy mist.

    The sky has fallen,
    reality has awoken.
    And utter bliss be spoken, 
    for we are together, unbroken.

    The sky has fallen,
    society is shattered; 
    we are in tatters. 
    But the sky could fall again,
    and it would not even matter…

    *Skies can f
                                         ,                                ,
    mountains can w


                          l               d
    oceans can f                                    ,

    and I would gladly embrace them all,
                                having been with you all.*

  9. Always

    Just because life sucks
    does not mean you give up,
    you keep on going.

    Just because love lost
    does not mean life stops here.
    Life goes on. Always.  

  10. Sometimes we embrace insanity not because we want to, but because our sanity has become unbearable.
    — Lai to chexbex